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Many blogs and full websites alike use WordPress as their Content Management System (CMS). WordPress has its merits, like having tons of third-party plug-ins and lots of online support, but it isn’t the best option for every website.

Many webmasters forget that WordPress is, at its core, simply a blogging platform. It was not made to support multifaceted websites. Often, users have to install many plug-ins to give their WordPress blog a professional appearance. Users sometimes end up spending more time modifying WordPress than it would take to use another customized solution.

WordPress is also very often an attack vector for hackers around the globe. It is infamous for a wide range of security flaws that have been exploited over the years. Since so many people use it who are not technologically savvy, WordPress has become an invitation to hackers to break in. WordPress does release security updates, but all it takes is one unreported exploit to bring a whole WordPress site down.

There are some things WordPress does well, like simple blog management, but it doesn’t support some of the more intricate and developed technologies. Flash websites may be expensive to develop, but many of them end up looking amazing. WordPress does not support flash websites and other fancy architectures.

While many would argue that WordPress is the easiest system to use, this simply is not true. Systems like SquareSpace are very easy to set up and require absolutely no development experience. While WordPress doesn’t require any experience, there are key security holes that are often left by inexperienced users, making it a bit more dangerous. Many other systems do not have these types of problems. If you want to customize styles and themes, you will need to know CSS, which is not common knowledge for most people. WordPress is not nearly as easy to use, secure, or easily customizable as some believe.

If you want to have a great website that isn’t just a blog, chances are that we can help. There are tons of WordPress alternatives out there, but the biggest challenge is finding a CMS that meets your needs without going overboard. Our customized solutions will respect your coding abilities, whether it’s none or you have years of experience. Our main goal is to raise awareness of the shortcomings of WordPress and advertise helpful alternatives.

We also can help you avoid making mistakes that may hurt your ranking. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is arguably the most important technique for driving visitors to your website. Some WordPress alternatives are better than others at helping you use SEO, and we will help guide you to ones that use SEO at the level you require.

We don’t want you to be stuck with a bloated WordPress blog that is too much to manage. We’re compiling helpful guides filled with WordPress alternatives so you can put together a professional and impressive website without the worries of WordPress. No matter what your experience level and dedication level are, there’s sure to be a better CMS for you.