About US

suhotra mati

Suhotra started as a senior developer before he became a manager, leading teams of up to 15 developers. He was involved in business development of teams and products of start-up companies. Bailey is an avid technical blogger. He brings top knowledge in website development, software and web design. Familiar with CSS, HTML5, JavaScript, PHP, WordPress, Adobe Photoshop, TextMate, JIRA, SVN, Perforce, Mercurial and Drupal 7.

As a Senior Developer, Suhotra has Developed and managed libraries for website maintenance. Developed website for advertising campaigns and dynamic prototypes using HTML5, CSS3, and jQuery. He has created a number of WordPress sites with various design and features, ranging from simple corporate blogs to e-commerce sites with complex layouts and custom data structures.

He writes articles for WP Alternative to help users with their queries and all the things you need to know about WordPress.