To use WordPress or not to use WordPress: Is WordPress the Right Choice for You?

There are a million ways to create a website, and WordPress is just one of those ways. Yet many people just choose WordPress because that’s what everyone is using or because they don’t know about the other options. The problem is that WordPress may not always be the right tool for the job.

Using the right tool for the job helps you complete the job quicker and with less risk of injury. This article explains why this holds true for building websites as well.

WordPress isn’t always the right choice

I make a living providing WordPress tech support, yet I wouldn’t recommend WordPress if…

You want the simplest option possible for a website. Despite WordPress’ ease of use, it’s not quite so easy to setup. You need to purchase hosting and a domain name, sometimes from separate vendors. Then you need to choose a theme, from a huge number of providers, and then install and configure the theme. You need a certain level of tech-savviness just to be able to do this, and some web development experience to do this well.

You want a maintenance-free website. WordPress releases an average of 3 major updates each year. In between they have about 3 minor updates containing security and bug fixes. On top of that, your plugins and themes may be updated frequently as well.

Oh, don’t forget the website backups, server administration, fighting hackers and more. WordPress is definitely not the choice for a “launch it and forget it” type website.

You want to design your site, but you don’t know coding.

Can I move this section above this?
Can I change the font and color?
Can I have a different layout for just this page?
Can I increase the size of my header / logo?

The answer to all of the above is: not unless you know how to edit the template code, even for the new-fangled drag-and-drop builder themes. Sorry!

To WordPress, or not to WordPress?

At the end, it boils down to your requirements. If ease of setup and customization, and maintenance-free are important to you – WordPress may not be the right choice. But for everything else, you won’t go wrong with WordPress. Just like with anything worth doing, expect to spend some time learning and growing with WordPress. Having a reliable WordPress support team doesn’t hurt as well.


WordPress vs Weebly: Head-to-Head Zero-Bias Comparison

Tips from the Tilden Task Experts


Before we delve into what makes the difference between these two content management systems, it’s important to note that we are comparing Weebly versus which is a downloadable software, not hosted web service

There’s a big difference between evaluating web building platforms for hobbyists and enterprises. The needs of these groups can be very different. My award of five stars for a super-scalable, open source CMS does not mean that people who enjoy drag-and-drop would also enjoy it. So, let’s put Weebly and WordPress head-to-head to see which one is better for your case.

1. Ease of Use

  • Weebly. Weebly (current version is called Weebly 4) is a hosted site builder with an in-browser editor that requires no coding skills at all. The only technical skill required is the ability to use a mouse. Clearly aimed at those of us who aren’t technical, Weebly offers everything you might need to build a website under the same roof: a drag-and-drop builder, a library of templates and included hosting. There’s nothing to download.The control panel is conveniently divided into two areas: Dashboard and Builder. The Dashboard lets you manage your site’s main settings, and the Builder offers a visual editor that supports drag-and-drop and inline editing. It provides a total WYSIWYG experience.

    Weebly offers free mobile apps for iPhone, iPad, Android and Apple Watch. These let you build, manage and edit your website from anywhere.

  • WordPress. requires finding a webhost, installing the software and constant website maintenance. Though it’s fairly intuitive, there’s definitely a slight learning curve. Newbies will certainly need to familiarize themselves with the ecosystem of WordPress before they’re able to make any changes to the website design and/or functionality.plugin-upload

    Adding new plugins and switching themes can be a no-brainer, as many modern plugins work out-of-the-box and some themes support drag-and-drop, yet keeping all of your plugins working together can be difficult.

Weebly vs WordPress. It should come as no surprise that Weebly is easier, as it was originally developed to meet the needs of users who have no idea about how websites are being created. WordPress is pretty enough intuitive, yet it still requires more deep knowledge of complex site management systems.

2. Feature Set and Flexibility

  • Weebly. Weebly is chock-full of widgets and extensions that can be enabled with just a few clicks right from the Weebly control panel. There’s a decent blogging engine, an eCommerce solution, user membership support, various booking, forum and social media widgets. These are scalable to a certain extent.One of Weebly’s advantages is how quickly you can add this or that functionality. There are dozens of in-house extensions that you can integrate through the builder without having to leave your account and look for third-party plugins.

    Weebly App Center

    Weebly is a versatile platform. Take a look at different kinds of websites created with Weebly: stores, portfolios and blogs examples. If you can’t find a ready widget for something, you can use Custom HTML element. It lets you add pretty much any embeddable content to your Weebly site.

  • WordPress. WordPress is super flexible. However, almost any new feature requires a plugin (a tiny software package). The good news is that there are thousands of free plugins out there. The bad one is that they’re all developed by different providers who can simply stop updating their softwares one day. Besides, you can experience a severe plugin conflict. Also, too many plugins can make your website load slower.

WordPress vs Weebly. Because most of the Weebly widgets are native applications, they work seamlessly and never conflict. WordPress works in a bit different way: it offers a better choice of extensions, yet you should be attentive to what you install. The major difference is that with Weebly you’re limited to only using building blocks it provides, while with WordPress you can scale your project as you wish.

The technical nature of Weebly prevents many potential user errors.

3. Designs

  • Weebly. Weebly has a collection of 55 ready themes that you can painleslly switch midway through the editing process. You can select the theme thematic you need: from personal website to online store.

    Design Comparison Chart

    Weebly WordPress
    Number of Themes: 55 Over 10k
    Custom Themes: ✔ YES ✔ YES
    Themes Cost: Free $25-$299
    Visual Editor: ✔ YES ✔ YES
    Responsive Design: ✔ YES ✔ YES/NO
    CSS Code Editing: ✔ YES ✔ YES

    The latest Weebly themes are responsive from the start. They’re comparatively easy to edit: newbies can opt for the standard drag-and-drop editor, while advanced users may want to try the advanced HTML/CSS editor.

    There are also third-party designers who create and sell custom templates for Weebly. You can easily apply them using ‘Import’ button.

  • WordPress. There are thousands of free and premium themes for WordPress on the web. The biggest and the most official place to get a WP theme is the official library. In case you decide to try a free theme from any other place, be sure to check it for malware. Though many new WP themes do offer some WYSIWYG editing, you’ll still have to do a lot of manual HTML and CSS editing.

Weebly vs WordPress. On one hand, WordPress offers a greater choice. On the other hand, downloading, installing and editing a WP theme can be a tough task. Weebly, on the contrary, is extremely easy in terms of the design editing, but there are fewer templates.

4. Customer Support

  • Weebly. Weebly has an extensive knowledge base, email support, free phone support and live chat. Also, there are many prompts in the control panel: a Site planner that helps you set your goals, and a To-do list that guides you through all the steps.
  • WordPress. You’ll find many YouTube channels, forums and websites dedicated exclusively to WordPress. Other than that, there’s no phone or email to call for help.

WordPress vs Weebly. Weebly has fewer users, which means they can serve them better. WordPress has no support staff, you can only rely on tutorials you find on the web.

5. Pricing Policy

  • Weebly. Weebly is affordable. There’s a free version that never expires, and four paid plans ranging from $8/mo (Starter Plan) to $38/mo (Performance Plan has been recently lowered in cost). You may use a free plan as log as you like, but your website will appear with ad-banner at the bottom and you can’t use eCommerce features and you can’t connect own domain name. For those who want to know how much does Weebly cost, we’ve made this comparison chart:

    Pricing Comparison Chart

    Weebly WordPress
    Pricing Options: ✔ Starter ($8/mo);
    ✔ Pro ($12/mo);
    ✔ Business ($25/mo);
    ✔ Performance ($38/mo).
    ✔ CMS (free);
    ✔ Hosting (from $5/mo);
    ✔ Plugins (from $10/mo);
    Features: ✔ SSL Security;
    ✔ Built-in Shopping Cart;
    ✔ SEO Tools;
    ✔ Live Support;
    ✔ Responsive Themes.
    ✔ Free of Use;
    ✔ Thousands of Themes;
    ✔ All-Purpose Plugins;
    ✔ Active Community.
  • WordPress. The software itself is technically free, but you still have to pay for your hosting, domain name, theme (if premium) and plugins. The final sum will vary depending on the amount of premium plugins and themes you need to install, and on your hosting provider, too.

Weebly vs WordPress. Weebly plans include free extensions, templates and hosting. The price, however, may increase when there is the need to install applications from the Weebly app center. WordPress is also free, while extra plugins, hosting and premium templates are paid.


For an experienced webmaster who creates lots of websites, nothing compares to a self-hosted WordPress website. It’s flexible, comparatively intuitive. However, its awesomeness means nothing to a hobbyist who just wants to put up a simple website.

Also, with Weebly you can do a great portfolio, blog or small store website – I’ve seen dozens of successful websites created with Weebly.



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It’s value taking the time to learn to use it and tips on how to apply what you’ve got discovered towards enhancing your website. That’s compares pretty well to freelance WordPress specialists who sometimes cost $50 an hour. The group of execs at Tilden is supplied with newest skills and strategies within the subject of design, development, support, and maintenance and provide companies to best match the purchasers’ needs. You don’t must battle to get your web site that wants restore mounted when the experts are right here. Tilden set me up with a brand new WordPress website, and confirmed me find out how to replace my content.

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Luckily, there are individuals who provide website assist and other companies to allow them to take care that facet of our enterprise. Tilden Tasks carry out a security audit on your website, discover loopholes and suggest methods to enhance your websites safety. The web site is a greater product now, a greater consequence, Tilden has carried out every part that I asked, and a few.

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The websites designed by these designers are terrific and Tech Reviewer served as the genuine platform to unite the shopper and developer with none problem. I found that it really saved me lots of time having the entire corporations that provided free trials in a single place and it made it simple for me to try new products and services. Tilden Tasks will carry out a review on your site, and recommend improvements and recommendations on methods to improve your websites look.

Data analysis is another essential service supplied by them that you don’t want to miss. The report contains an analysis of using Flash elements, and permits to regulate internet structure (microformat and Doctype). These sites assist bloggers, researchers, marketers, designers, builders, and businessmen to profit from their methods and gadgets and excel of their respective fields.

10 Free WordPress Plugins For Developers

From in-depth conceptualization to the pixel-perfect improvement, WordPrax is thought for its strong, price-efficient and scalable WordPress options. As it is integrated with award-profitable Smashing Magazine, it is among the finest methods to search out inventive professionals including WordPress developers and programmers for hire. WPGeeks maintains reliability and belief by way of seamless communication using PM tools like Basecamp, Springloops, and by way of mail, phone, or stay chat. If you need to construct a giant workforce in a small period of time then Upwork officers can assist you out with their special enterprise providers.

That is if mission need a graphic designer, your PM will allocate a graphic designer on your challenge, if your challenge need entrance end developer, the entrance finish developer shall be allotted. Our extremely knowledgeable WordPress builders keep themselves updated with the newest developments in WordPress and make the most of them further to deal with different initiatives.

Once you write down the temporary, you may need to determine whether or not the employed WP developers can deliver what it takes to complete your undertaking. The great thing about engaged on WordPress platform is that whenever you want a serving to hand from a hired WordPress developer, it is quite easy to find and hire them based mostly in your finances and your job specifications with none problem. You can rent WordPress developer from us on hourly, half time or full time basis.

Please contact us to discuss about the cost related to different ranges of WordPress consultants. The basic idea here is to search out an enormous listing of freelancer web sites, so you may compare their services simply and hire the proper WordPress developer who meets your necessities. The WordPress developers you rent here might be anyone who is ready to upload a resume, so you may should undergo your personal selection process. Using Google search is likely one of the best methods relating to finding a freelancer or an agency which can be specialized in WordPress. You may be anticipating the consequence that accommodates relevant websites of freelancers and WordPress companies.

Episerver Named A Top Rated Content Management System By Software Users On TrustRadius

As fashionable in name as these three open supply CMS are, the actual fact of the matter is they’re simply NOT the perfect CMS available on the market. Despite it’s humble running a blog beginnings, WordPress has taken the world by storm (actually), powering over over 60 millions web sites in the present day. Technically Advanced – Drupal is essentially the most technically superior of these three content material administration methods. Social Networking – Joomla makes creating social networks of all three options.

It’s not fast or extensive as WordPress’ group-based mostly assist pages, but is definitely faster (and cheaper) than Drupal’s technical support choices. I havent read something like your article that places a non-bias evaluation for the 3 CMS. With WordPress you do have the ability to go away all the management to the shopper as it’s just so consumer-friendly. Whereas it must be a lot simpler and cheaper to search out someone relatively tech-savvy that can assist you make basic WordPress updates. The good news is that almost all non-tech savvy people ought to have the ability to run an awesome Joomla site without needing any technical help. Help Portal – Joomla affords an excellent assist portal for asking questions and getting technical help. I am researching providing a CMS to a foundation with members and event ticket gross sales and donations.

I’m planning to start an actual property evaluate website which principally helps individuals resolve on which location within the metropolis suits them finest to purchase / lease a home. Thats why most companies in the world use open supply – incredible variety, you may host it how you want (super quick should you like) – you are not tied to the limitations of wix/ss and you employ open supply you actually OWN your web site and you’ll move it wherever you need.

As a developer it’s not concerning the purity of the coding, it’s in regards to the end consequence – something I can educate to my clients without inflicting them a headache, and one thing that I know will get supported by the wider open supply community. I’m at the moment still trying to resolve on which platform to make use of in constructing the positioning. And you may discover readily available technical help with each (although Drupal’s might be among the many costliest). Askin if you want to do anything descent with net improvement you’ll have to be taught code. So even when i desire joomla as a developer, I principally counsel WordPress simply because I know the shopper will be capable of handle his website simpler later on. Free – Like each WordPress and Drupal, Joomla is another free option to use by yourself net servers.