WordPress.org vs WordPress.com Comparison Review

’re new to WordPress, you might be wondering about the difference between WordPress.org and WordPress.com.

WordPress.com vs WordPress.org

The one major difference between WordPress.com and WordPress.org is who’s actually hosting your website.

With WordPress.org, YOU host your own blog or website. WordPress.org is where you’ll find the free WordPress software that you can download and install on your own web server.

WordPress.com, on the other hand, takes care of all of the hosting for you. You don’t have to download software, pay for hosting, or manage a web server.

Pros and Cons of WordPress.com vs WordPress.org

Both WordPress.org and WordPress.com have pros and cons, depending on your needs.

If you’re not interested in paying for your own hosting, managing your own web server or paying someone else to handle that for you, you’ll probably want to use WordPress.com. It’s free and easy to set up and you have lots of options for customizing your site.

A few of the cons of using WordPress.com include that your domain will, by default, include “WordPress.com.” You also can’t upload any custom themes, plugins or modify the PHP code behind your site.

While WordPress.com is free to set up, they do offer several premium upgrades, including domain name registration (if you don’t want WordPress.com in your domain name), the ability to upload videos and if you want to use their premium themes.

Using the downloaded version of WordPress from WordPress.org opens up more control and flexibility for your WordPress site, but it also means more responsibility. Using a self-hosted version of WordPress means you can use your own domain name, upload and install themes and plugins, edit the code behind your site and have access to your site’s database (or files). Most of the showcase sites you see on the WordPress site showcase are the self-hosted version of WordPress, since many of them have unique functionality or a custom-made design.

THE Big Question: Why Should You Outsource Website Management?

When you are setting up or running a WordPress-powered website, it’s easy to get distracted by the more fun and exciting aspects of managing a website, such as creating content, interacting with your readers and working on the site’s design.

However, running a successful website involves more than just what happens in the foreground. There is a lot of regular work required in order to keep the site ticking over, running at peak performance and perhaps most importantly, remaining secure from hackers and malicious scripts.

Admin tasks include keeping the WordPress core up-to-date, updating themes and plugins and ensuring there is a backup plan in action. Other areas include focusing on security and database optimisation, to name but a few.

Enter the WordPress Maintenance Services

While some of these tasks, such as plugin updates, can be carried out at the click of a button, not everybody has the knowledge, experience or time to keep on top of their installation of WordPress. As the use of the platform has grown over the years, to become what it is today, a range of companies have popped up that focus either solely, or partially on maintaining WordPress for their clients.

While it’s never a bad idea to have a good understanding of how the technology you are using works, for most users handing over the responsibility for keeping their site running at its best, is an easy decision to make.

With one less hat to wear, bloggers, service providers and any other WordPress user can focus on what they do best, and leave the smooth running of their site in the hands of one of the WordPress maintenance services out there.

These days, your website is your business. You can’t survive without it. It is a necessary investment for any company and it pays off in the long run. After spending valuable resources on the design and the development of your priceless website, don’t you think keeping it up-to-date would be of the utmost importance? Of course it is, which is why website maintenance is equally as important as the construction of your website itself. Maintaining your website isn’t easy though. It can cost you a lot of time and money; especially if you aren’t very proficient at it. This is why outsourcing your website maintenance could be the most sustainable option in the long run for your business.


The benefits of website maintenance are easy to comprehend. Your website is a constant portal between visitors and your company. The condition and relevancy of your website is a direct reflection of the condition and relevancy of your business. This is why website maintenance is so important. Downtime of a website not only gets penalized by Google and could affect your search engine rankings, but it will also make visitors question the legitimacy of the company. Out of date content is another negative thing Google and customers will notice. There is also the constant threat of having your website hacked, which can have a serious impact on your business if it is not dealt with right away. These are just a few of the things that can have a very detrimental impact on your business if your website is not constantly maintained. By neutralizing these threats you can begin to understand the intrinsic benefits of website maintenance.

For most companies it is not fiscally smart to hire or dedicate one person inside the organization to manage its website maintenance. The expertise and time needed from one person to effectively manage a website is daunting, stressful and prone to mistakes. This is why it is common to outsource the maintenance of business websites. Depending on the website maintenance package, you can get a dedicated team of experts monitoring your online presence for a fifth of the monthly price of an in-house expert. These experts will monitor and maintain your website for an agreed amount of time per month. They will save your company precious time and resources while making sure the heart of your company is always running smoothly.

In Conclusion… 

A well-built website can set your website up for online success. However, in order to keep that custom web design both beautiful and functional, you will need to regularly maintain it. Otherwise, over time, it will suffer from broken links, stale content, outdated features, and slow page loads that deter visitors and lose you business. However, website maintenance can be time consuming. There are daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly tasks that must be completed in order to keep your custom web design running smoothly. While you can complete many website maintenance tasks yourself, you may benefit from outsourcing those jobs to a professional website management service. In fact, doing so can not only save you time and effort but also contribute to the overall success of your site.


Is WP Tangerine Trustworthy?

WP Tangerine is a WordPress support service with the intent of “helping people rock WordPress” as stated on their website.

Their business model is built around WordPress Management, which includes expert WordPress support, development, design, maintenance, optimization, site security, updates, site improvements, emergency support, and advice, coupled with excellent customer support.

They let their users submit unlimited number of tasks in areas like website cleanup, search engine optimization optimization, design, WordPress website development, quick fixes, upgrades, code error removal, content creation, and the list goes on.

If you’re a website owner, WP Tangerine will be able to help you with these sort of tasks.

WP Tangerine has been around for a couple of years now and are really becoming the industry leader within the website support and maintenance space.

Think of them as the new and even a better alternative to WP Curve. You remember that WP Curve was always the choiced WordPress support service when they were still in operation. Of course since GoDadddy bought out WP Curve, in 2016, there’s been a lot of talks on which services are the next best alternative to WP Curve. If you’ve been unsure about which service it really is, now you know it could be WP Tangerine.

Why? Because they know their stuff inside and out, and offer a variety of great options for their customers.

Based on expert reviews available online and given the experience of their customers, WP Tangerine can pass for a reliable service provider.

In fact, on their website, they have a lot of thrilling customer testimonials from real people and companies who have used their services and they are all satisfied and happy to recommend WP Tangerine.

WP Tangerine stands out amongst other website support and maintenance services in the following ways:

  • First off, they specialize in WordPress, which indicates expertise and good if you want a service that knows WP perfectly.
  • Second, they let you submit unlimited number of tasks with just a small monthly fee. This, in comparison to most other services, is good. With most other services, you’ll only end up paying for limited number of requests. WP Tangerine says the tasks will be worked on for up to 1 hour per business day (2 hours for the Pro Plus plan).
  • Third, WP Tangerine offers excellent, 27/7 customer support. They’ll literally update you daily on every step and action taken to make your website and blog better. You need WordPress support services whenever you need them, which is not necessarily during a typical 9 – 5 business day.
  • WP Tangerine seems to follow a simple process to bring users on board and in completing tasks. Their website shows that all you have to do is: Sign up >> Submit tasks >> Kick back and and focus on the bigger picture and enjoy more free time. No reason to complicate things. No need to learn any new software or figure out any complicated business process.
  • Additionally, their customers can cancel at any time because all plans offered by the WordPress support service are backed by a 30 day money back guarantee and there are no long-term contract. This could mean WP Tangerine are so confident that their plans and service will meet users’ needs and expectations that they offer a 30-day money back guarantee.

The WP Tangerine team understands how difficult it is sometimes to get excellent and professional support for WordPress sites. So they’ve positioned themselves to help busy entrepreneurs and website owners solve the most basic WordPress problems without you having to face any difficulties.

The WP Tangerine platform seems very easy to use. This is specially designed to benefit new and inexperienced WordPress users and also busy people like you. On their website, they state that all you have to do is signup and submit your tasks and requests via email.

The WP Tangerine team is experienced in and can help you with a variety of WordPress tasks, including:

  • Development and Design: The WordPress tech service also mentions on their website that they also specialize in WP development and design. This means they can help to develop a completely new website and blog for you and as well give it a professional design you’d love.
  • Optimization: One reason you want to get online is to get found by more people. You cannot really do this without good search engine ranking. WP Tangerine offers their users optimization services. They can optimize your website for higher search engine rankings and take care of everything that is needed for the influx of search traffic.
  • Quick Fixes: Whether it’s bugs, white screen of death, plugin malfunctions, theme defections caused by an update, WP Tangerine can be there for in all the difficult times.
  • Maintenance: The site also offers ongoing WordPress maintenance services so that your website can remain smooth all the time.
    In fact, WP Tangerine does everything WordPress related. They’re committed to solving any problem as long as it is within the WordPress sphere.
  • Upgrades and Updates of Your Site: So that you don’t make mistakes that can sabotage your business and jeopardize your website user experience, the WP Tangerine team says they can help you with upgrading and updating your WordPress website elements like themes, plugins, software etc.
  • Regular, High-quality Content: WP Tangerine has an in-house team of excellent content writers. They can help you with specialized content like blog posts, website content, newsletters, ebooks etc.

Should You Hire a WordPress Developer, Designer, and/or Programmer?

One of the question we get asked a lot by users of our platform, WordPress Alternative, is “should I hire someone to work on my WordPress blog”?

Today, we’re going to address that question and more.

To go directly to the point, the question above can answered this way:

If you think it is time to beef up your WordPress website with some advanced features and functionality, or, if you are in the mood to develop a brand new website based on WordPress, but with a custom tailored design, then it is okay to hire a WordPress expert to work on your site.

But you have to be careful though, so that you don’t make mistakes. When thinking of hiring someone for your WordPress-based website, one thing you have to consider is the type of WordPress expert to hire.

This is vital because hiring the wrong person can be likened to hiring an architect to remodel your house when what you really need is a contractor.

Let’s take a look at the different types of people who work on WordPress sites so that you can decide which one best fits your needs.

So friend, which should I hire? A WordPress designer, developer, programmer, or all three?

This might seem like a difficult decision, but you’ll soon see that it’s typically a relatively straightforward decision. The tricky part, which we’ll cover in the last half of this post, will be finding a good candidate to bring on board for your project.


When to Hire a WordPress Developer

This is, in essence, a WordPress architect. The WordPress developer has built or helped build many WP websites. He or she suggests and comes up with ideas, helps to implement and set up solutions, and works to integrate and modify existing sites.

Developers seldom take on custom programming jobs, so if you run a hair salon and want to add a booking functionality to your existing massage shop, the WordPress developer will look for a premium booking plugin to install into your site. They’ll configure it for you, get it up and running, but they won’t program it from scratch.

That’s not to say they’ll never do any coding; sometimes, they do perform coding and design work. Other times, they let someone else do it for them, if they can’t find a plugin or template that fits the needs of the client. A good WordPress developer should know when it’s time to outsource the work.

Think of your WordPress developer as an architect, looking at the big picture and how to best meet any given goals. That might mean custom programming, or it might mean using ready-made premium plugins and code. The best WP developers know which is the right course of action.


When to Hire a WordPress Programmer

A general programmer with some experience with WordPress: that’s a WP programmer, in a nutshell. If a developer is an architect, the WordPress programmer is like a brick-layer. If you’re really advanced in WP yourself, you might work directly with a programmer to instruct him or her on what lines of code to write, but you’ll usually encounter this type of person by way of your WordPress developer.

In fact, it’s usually smarter to hire a developer first, and then let the developer decide whether or not a programmer needs to come on board. In quite a few projects, it will actually be better and less expensive to make use of existing plugins and themes, rather than reinventing the wheel.

When to Hire a WordPress Designer

A WP designer is someone with some knowledge of turning a concept into an actual WordPress theme that you can install, a WordPress designer is a good fit if you just want to refresh the user experience of your website without changing the functionality. Bottom line, most hire a WordPress designer for tasks they aren’t capable of completing so be careful.


We hope this article has helped you answer the question of whether or not to hire a WordPress expert to work on your site. If you have any questions, make efforts to send it across to us at info(AT)wpalternative(DOT)com. Happy WordPress-ing!

Techniques to have an Affordable Website Maintenance according to WP Tangerine

Techniques to have an Affordable Website Maintenance according to WP Tangerine

There are a lot of techniques to have an affordable website maintenance. You’d be surprised that a lot of web owners know how to maintain their sites in a way that they don’t have to spend so much on in-house developers. They only call WordPress developers who charge a lot in just a few or needed instances. Today, you will learn how to get an affordable website maintenance thorugh these tips.

Know the things to maintain

First and foremost, you should be able to understand the basic things you need to maintain in a site. You have to understand that there could be a lot of things to maintian on a site and at the same time a few. It really depends on how you try to manage it. Knowing what exactly needs to be done, how long it could be done, and the people to call for these things to be done is crucial. Sometimes, you have to research more on how sites are maintenance. However, you will be surprised that there are definitely ways you can do it on your own. For example, upgrading WordPress, plug-ins, installing up to date anti virus.

Have a good start

A common mistake that most people make is that they hire the wrong WordPress Developers from the get-go. This will cause a lot more problem along the way just because you will have a hard time maintaining it. There will be so many things to consider and a lot of bugs to check that will not be worthy just because you were such a cheapskate. You go for a professional wordpress web developers that know what they are doing and do clean work, and by that we meant clean code.

Go to forums

So basically, you want to do it things as much as you can on your own. There are so many forums or online help out there that can help you go build a wonderful site and maintain it. You don’t have to be an expert to do basic maintenance. This includes updating content, images, features, and adding pages. Some of the basic debugs can be easily troubleshoot too! It is pretty cool how much you can do just by learning or getting aid online.

Find an affordable wordpress developer

The last tip to having an affordable maintenance website is to go for an affordable wordpress developer. That’s pretty easy to say but hard to find. Nonetheless, you will still need a professional developer to do the work for you so you better have a professional with a reasonable price to help you.

Hope these tips helped you!


As loyal viewers know, was taken out of service for 24-hours after a pc geek minimize and pasted code into our site that redirected it to a computer hacking site. As much as we want to fully develop our business, we’re typically caught within the building strategy of your website. My family and I had been headed to Chico CA from Tennessee when the AC failed somewhere in Kansas on a Sunday. They will look over your present web site and give you suggestions on what works and what could possibly be higher. I actually have loads of mechanical experience but residing in an apartment makes these tasks tough.

In order so that you can have one of the best results attainable in terms of your webpage, it’s worthwhile to make sure that you will rent the services of those who will be capable of prove to you that they can do it all. We would love to listen to from a number of the consultants in our audience with additional tips or recommendation.. and in case you do conduct an audit of your website, let us know what you uncovered!

Helped us to find a wordpress developer to assist optimize and build our web site – it is a nice site which has an enormous amount of knowledge for those of us utilizing wordpress together with a Tilden Tasks Review , where you’ll find what is on offer from Tilden Tasks who are a company aiming to assist along with your wordpress needs whether or not you have technical points or you might want to optimize for the major search engines, they have options for almost any drawback you may come throughout.

To start with, this blog was hacked by a hacker and the web site was blocked by Google as it may unfold malicious code. Mobile or responsive frameworks are an necessary a part of web site optimization as they help builders in creating applications which are relevant to multiple units. Nevertheless, attempt to host your website on a server which is geographically near your guests. Getting unhealthy pc help is the least of the things that can go improper on Craigslist.