Quite often we hear about WordPress alternatives, but it’s hard to be sold on a website builder that goes up against WordPress.

The Duda responsive Website Builder is another option in the growing field of content management systems and site builders, especially as developers are looking for quicker tools to help out clients.

Duda seems to do a good job of keeping costs low, but they also have impressive features for both average users and resellers. With all “off-the-shelf” website builders like WIX and Duda, you open yourself up to faster development and lower costs.

Slick Templates

With WordPress, you have to go out and find templates. Then you must pay for them. That said, premium WordPress developers are the best, and with a little research, you can find anything you need.

As for Duda, they provide templates right in the website builder. I counted 88 templates, which is a great quantity to start with. Not only that, but they look wonderful and are organized into industry categories like restaurants, one pagers, portfolios, popular, blogs and stores. You grab the templates you want right from the beginning.

After that you can always swap out your template and not worry about losing any content (like you would with WordPress.)

Create a Beautiful Small Store Within Seconds

This is one of the coolest parts about Duda. I enjoy a good WooCommercewebsite, but this is much easier to setup, especially for a smaller blog or company website store. It’s even more basic than “off-the-shelf” solutions like Shopify. Basically, it walks you through the process of adding products, verifying geo-settings, configuring shipping, getting paid and placing a text order.

You don’t have to do much in terms of design, since the shop is dropped right into the template. Yes the paid eCommerce solutions are limited to up to 2,500 products, but you can’t beat the user-friendliness.

Lots of Widgets and Sections

From click to call buttons to restaurant menus, coupons and business hours, the Duda widgets stand out because of their ease of use and quantity. Basically, it only takes a second to install one of these on the drag and drop interface. And it definitely seems like the Duda creators thought long and hard about what business websites actually want.

The sections are also pretty nice. This feature can be found in some WordPress builders or templates, but it’s not as fluid or common as you might think. These are prebuilt sections with no design requirements. For example, you could easily insert a contact form or a complete footer with a map, social media buttons and text.

Prebuilt Website Rules (That Replace Many WordPress Plugins)

The Duda rules come in as the most surprising bonus. When you navigate to the rules you notice how most of these features require plugins in a system like WordPress. However, Duda has them all included. For example, they have things like email subscribe pop-ups, notification bars, geotargeting, lunch specials and unique pages for when certain users land on your page.