The importance of choosing the right Platform

The importance of choosing the right Platform

Content management Systems are the most used tools for developing websites nowadays. Since they make developing websites faster and cheaper, we have many of them to choose from and they vary with technologies and functionalities. Once you make the wrong choice with a CMS, you will end up with a website that does not function as it was intended to. This article is for bringing awareness to the importance of choosing the right platform to avoid complications with your website.

What is a Content Management System?

A Content Management System is an application that allows one to write, edit, publish content and design the layout through an area known as Admin panel/Backend and present the content to the users in an area known as the front end.

Below is a guideline to help you choose the right platform for your website.


Before you choose you platform, it is important to plan on what your website is supposed to do and what it’s not supposed to do e.g. whether it’s a blog, corporate website or an ecommerce website. All these websites require different types of functionalities.


Is your website going to have many writers or just one, you don’t want to give administrative permissions to 10 writers, they may end up deleting the main part of the website.


Is the CMS friendly to Search engines, of course you want your website to be found by search engines otherwise people will never know about you.


Does the CMS allow you to customize how the layout of the website, you might have a brand and want the website to resemble the brand.


Does the CMS receive updates to stay in touch with the technologies that are always changing or is it going to become obsolete in the near future?


Is your website going to be a very large website or just a few pages. Will you be uploading large images as some platforms restrict upload sizes.

If you follow this guidelines, then you will be able to choose the right CMS easily.