Now if you want to build your WordPress site, you better learn some techniques to avoid wasting your time and getting in trouble. Sometimes, it is all about just having the wrong idea on what to look for a developer that you end up miserable and worst, having to pay someone for a work you didn’t love.

So today, Tilden Tasks gives us an expert tip on how to build your WordPress site the right way.

Get an idea

Some people go having a website but have no idea what they are getting into. It is important to be crystal clear on what you want to build when it comes to a website just because, it will only confuse you and the awful lot of other people including your development team just because you made it a whole lot difficult by not knowing what your product or company is all about.  Having clear goals will help with this.

Differentiate a Designer and Developer

A designer and a developer are two different people. You don’t go around expecting a developer doing the design work. So pay close attention to this and don’t just find your developer to do everything for you. Though rare, you can still find a designer who develops at the same time. Check out some Tilden Task reviews out there and see how they manage to provide both.

Be realistic with timelines

Another thing that you should consider and always know as a client is that you should be realistic with timelines. Yes, we want to get the instant results and sometimes we demand so much from our workers without really setting a clear and distinct timeline. Nothing comes out of nothing, so if you don’t provide enough time, don’t expect something great will come out of it. Usual length for a project to take place is 2 weeks. But depending on the amount of work and the extent, it may take months for you to launch your site.

Don’t expect it to be perfect

Another mistake most clients make is that they expect right off the bat that everything has to be perfect. No, it does not necessarily have to be perfect. A better viewpoint is that is it continuously growing and improving. Like anything that grows, you want to make sure it continues to grow and it doesn’t have to be perfect right off the bat. That is why you have to hire developers who will continuously support you as you grow as a company or as a brand.

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