WordPress has been a very popular platform in making websites, manage content and adding great features that improve the performance of our sites overall. One good advantage that we can have to make the most of what WordPress provides us in terms of tools, functions, and added features. If we are new to the system or may know only a bit about it, then asking a few questions about WordPress would be a great idea to start us off. We know that now,  a lot of things are being added in website development that can be very important like adding themes, having good security, SEO and other related factors that benefit the websites performance and response. And learning more about them can give us a great advantage.

More Questions About WordPress

How Do I Manage the Contents to be Displayed in My Dashboard?

If you take a look on the Upper Right Side on your WordPress page when you are logged in, you should see a “Screen Options” tab or button that lets you see more options on what components that you will see on your dashboard or even when you are creating posts for publishing. This is good when you want certain contents or tools that you only need and can hide the one that you don’t often use.

How secure WordPress is from hackers?

Security is a top priority. Thus, finding the best security tools and plugins is one of the ways to go. you can also download some cool and amazing plugins to do the work for you. Top security plugins like WordFence, iThemes Security, 6Scan Security, Wordfence Security and a lot more can do the trick

Can you make sales in a WordPress website?

This is definitely a big YES. Since the popularity of E-commerce, WorpPress sites are also being used to help and make you sell products or services online. Plugins like WooCommerce, WP eCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads and other Ecommerce plugins have made this possible to do in WordPress and lets you build the perfect online store for you.

Can I add Social Media functions or buttons too?

Since the time that social media platforms have grown, it has now been one of the added features of websites nowadays to have connectivity to these platforms. These also make sure that good content can either be shared or be connected through different social media like Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and a lot more. Using plugins such as Shareaholic, Social Warfare, and SumoMe lets you add these buttons to the different social media of your choice.