In using WordPress in building your website, a lot of helpful WordPress plugins can make the work much easier and much better. These plugins can add more features to your website in the different aspects such as themes, security, SEO, layouts and more. Based on ratings and popularity, here are some plugins that can be quite useful for you.

More Plugins

SEO Plugin: Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO

Since a lot of people create content like blogs articles and the like, Yoast SEO is a very good plugin that guides readability of the content and also recommends SEO formats to help make your content SEO friendly to search engines and helps ranks your site and contents. With a simple user interface and easy to understand recommendations, this plugin can surely get the job done.

Contact Form Plugin: Gravity Forms

gravity forms

Forms are one of the most common and important parts of any website. Gravity Forms is one plugin that can manage these kinds of contents. From emails, application forms, and a lot more, it takes care of the job by integrating these into your system. This plugin seems to be underrated but is actually growing and a lot of users just keep coming back to use them on their WordPress sites.

Security Plugins: Force Strong Passwords

Force Strong Passwords

Security is always the key. The title of the plugin itself even gives us a strong idea of what should be best. This security plugin ensures the effectiveness of passwords and security making sure that security is a priority. This also ensures that all of the users in the site is using a strong password. This idea will make to to keep unauthorized access to be kept to a minimum with all the types of tactics from attackers like scripts or programs that tends to gain unauthorized access to the site.


Social Sharing Plugin: Jetpack by



Jetpack is considered to be one of the best social sharing plugins for WordPress. With its simplicity and efficiency, it aims to increase site traffic, monitor your site stats, boosts and speeds up your site and also give protection from hackers attacking your site. It is efficient since it is not loaded with bulk JavaScript and can also manage numerous things in your websites like sorting your posts, tracking your numbers and other cool features included. Also an underrated free plugin, a lot of developers aim to improve more on what it can do and make sure high performance will be applied to your site.

Aside from these, there are also a lot of different WordPress plugins to explore and choose from. But definitely get the best rating and reviews to help you choose from the vast number of WordPress plugins out there. Check them out!