Build a website is the starting thing. How to maintain it and make sure it’s secured is another. It’s ironic now as the internet has become more and more popular, attacks on websites have been a nightmare for people. The idea that somebody else is trying to get into any system to do something illegal or tamper with your ideas or property is totally outrageous. WorpPress is not exempted from this harm, but none the less it is still prepared and equipped with security measure to make sure to be ready when these things might happen. So here are some things that can check to make sure that security is a priority for our websites.

WordPress Security Measures That You Can Set

Starting with the basics, it always goes to the login informationĀ for users and admin alike of the site. Having strong usernames and passwords is the first thing. Making sure that your information is not that easily guessed by plain chance or maybe with some hacking tools, you put priority in security. A lot of professional sites even practice and educate users to implement strong usernames and passwords. This is much more enforced if you are creating an account for some website that involves sensitive information. This the first way that we can set a security measure for our sites.

Limiting the number of attempts and using CAPTCHA (Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart) or the additional security method for access to any site by typing in some letters or numbers, or choosing some objects that match a certain criteria. This fortifies the login attempts and makes sure that any bogus attempts online to illegally enter the site, it lets the site disables any more attempts of letting hackers try to access.

Having a good backup system for your WordPress site is always a good option to take. Depending on the circumstances, a good backup will be a lifesaver just in case you may need to shut down your site to avoid attacks and to have maintenance without any more harm coming from hacker attacks.

Lastly for WordPress, always keep things up to date. Having updated versions of your system can have its advantages. Updates that comes with it may also improve the security on your websites. Getting security tools or plugins is always a good option as well to help improve security on your site. Any top rated tools will always give you more features to level up this matter for your website.