WP Tangerine is a new company on the scene and we asked them if we could do a review of their company. They provided us with a number of enthusiastic customers who we interviewed and they allowed us to inspect their website. Overall we were very impressed with the quality especially considering the low rate that was paid for the work. The websites were clean and the customers were very satisfied.

We typically only review companies that deal in alternatives to WordPress, hence our name, but it is difficult to rate alternatives without the occasional look at what we are avoiding. WordPress represents a very large headache for many small businesses due to the regular security updates, hacking attempts, and often chaotic layout. For those hoping to avoid dealing with the website after it is complete, WordPress is not a great choice as it will require regular maintenance. Despite these drawbacks WordPress remains a popular choice because it is easy to create new sites, and add normally expensive features to.

If you are going to build a WordPress site, then WP Tangerine is the way to go. They offer a very affordable maintenance package which will take these headaches off of your hands so you can focus on your work. For $97 a month you can hand the site off to a group of professionals who will regularly update your site, and keep it running smoothly.