Drupal is one of the most complete CMC solutions out there and also it is one of the oldest CMS. Drupal is comprehensive in functionality but difficult to use thus one needs good technical abilities especially in html, CSS and PHP to be able to develop a good website.

Its comprehensiveness is helpful in that it has the abilities that other CMS platforms would require many plugins installed to achieve the same functionality.

Some of the add-ons available through Drupal include blog tools, email forms, search engines and site maps. These are basic features found on most websites, though Drupal also has a good range of add-ons especially for commerce and business websites. These include shopping carts, point-of-sale systems, help desks, live chat features and inventory management. This solution also has several tools for tracking projects, managing documents and creating database reports, functions that are important for mid-sized businesses with a lot of content to manage



Drupal includes lot of functionalities like: advanced menu management, polls management, graphics modification tool, users management and much more. These functions make it possible to create simple or advanced websites, blogs, discussion boards, social networking pages, etc.



On the Drupal homepage, there’s a documentation, well developed discussion board, chat, mailing list, etc. You can find there plenty of information and help concerning management and modification of the script.



The script has several thousands of plugins available on its website. Since Drupal is an Open Source, you can use as well as create your own plugins.



An administrator can create new user accounts and establish their permission rights. Users can be divided into groups and can be given assignments. They can be given permissions to manage parts of your website.



Drupal is an advanced CMS system offering plenty functions, that in other scripts require installing many plugins (if they are at all available). Unfortunately it means, that any interference in the script’s code requires advanced knowledge of PHP and HTML languages as well as CSS. Luckily for those with at least basic knowledge of these languages, there’s a very good technical support. Using this script one has to be aware though, that as traffic on your website increases, there might come a time when the server administrator shuts your site down due to too heavy server load.