There are a couple of things you need to do right after you install WordPress. These will help you make sure that your site is ready, properly working and all set. Most of these would be something you only need to do once, while the others may require updates.

First on the list is making sure you automate your backups. You would want to secure your site in a way that you’ll be able to restore it as fast, organized and effective as you can. Second, take a look at your username. Hosting companies would usually assign “admin” as a default. Change this and it would also be better that you have a separate username for tasks such as publishing posts or pages or anything that is not administrative. Third, after you have set up all the things you need, it’s time to remove any unused theme or plugins. Things that are unused and not updated can possibly be a source of security issues.

Next on the list would be to update your site title, the time zone and add a favicon. You should also delete the default content. Double check all the pages and make sure that there’s no content there that is not associated with your business.

Being new to WordPress may be a challenge and fun at the same time. Take the time to learn everything that is essential to successfully set up your site.