The concept behind Squarespace is simple: it’s a website publishing platform that lets you

  • build a professional site online without resorting to coding
  • edit your site easily thanks to a user-friendly content management system (CMS).

In other words, rather than loading Dreamweaver up and banging out lines of CSS and HTML to construct a site, you design it all online using Squarespace’s templates and style editor. You pick a template, point at the bits you want to tweak, and then adjust controllers to change them, for example, you can click on some text and apply a new typeface, click on a background and change its color and so on. But in general, Squarespace is a product that is not designed for those who want to tinker too much. It is a platform which encourages you to pick a template, add some text and images and hit the go button. This approach to website building has its pros and cons, and we’ll go through them below.