WordPress is known to be one of the best content management system out there because of its huge community support, thousands of free and premium themes and also many types of functionalities through third party plugins.

You can create any type of website using WordPress ranging from basic websites to successful ecommerce websites through it’s easy to use backend panel, customizable layouts and add-ons.


WordPress is simple to use. The interface is intuitive. Despite not having wizards, WordPress has other web-creation features that help you put together a quick page while you develop a long term website. These tools include drag and drop plugins, a spell checker and quick undo tools so you don’t have to delete large sections of your work and start over.

Because WordPress is so popular, there is a large web presence of community users. It’s easy to search the web and find blogs, webpages and social media posts about any problem you’ve encountered.


WordPress is supported by many themes and plugins that should be included with any content management systems. Some of the basic plugins available include blogs, email help forms and site maps. It is also one of the few CMS programs that has graph and chart generators, which makes it easier to create from within the program rather than creating them from outside program and importing as an image.


Security is important for ensuring your system and content are safe. WordPress has a strong security offering. Content-approval tools, SSL compatibility and granular privileges help ensure your content is secure by limiting access depending on the administrative settings you choose. An impressive sandbox is included so test content can be changed, previewed and assessed without having to publish it first. You can avoid losing valuable exposure and content already online while you are repairing the site.

There are security tools that you can include on your website, too, so that visitors can send information or conduct business without worrying about compromising their confidential information or identification. WordPress has email verification and automatic problem-notification features. It has captcha tools so you can determine whether the information being sent through your website is from a human or is machine generated.


WordPress is a powerful content management system with easy-to-use web-development tools for both standard web pages and interactive business sites. While there are a few tools lacking, including search engines and data reports, the online community has answers to work around these omissions and still produce a powerful online presence.