To understand if WordPress is better than Squarespace, we must first learn about both of these and what they offer. Squarespace is an all-in-one kind of a platform which holds the hands of its users and takes them through the different stages of the creation of a website. This can be both its strongest point and its greatest limitation.

On the other hand, WordPress is a software which one installs on a web server and builds a website on top of it. The best thing here is the flexibility it offers by leaving everything at the discretion of the web builder but the drawback is that it has a learning curve as not everyone begins a website with a working knowledge of all that goes in building and maintaining a website.


An important thing which sets WordPress apart from Squarespace is the issue of freedom it offers. The website you’ve hosted on your own server on top of WordPress software is entirely your own and you can publish all kind of content on it whereas the website on Squarespace’s servers is restricted in many ways. If they think they your website is breaching their terms of service, for example, they can take your website down. In case, if your host decides to cancel or take your website down, all you need to need is to copy your website to another host.


WordPress has a huge repository of themes whereas Squarespace has a limited set of designs and most of these require high-quality images as headers and backgrounds. This works if you have some good quality images or a wide range of royalty-free images is available for your chosen design, WordPress allows you to make necessary changes at the level of the theme which gives the option to fine tune the final look of the website to your own needs. Squarespace severely limits your ability to modify the content and you have to do with what is provided.


WordPress has the advantage that it is supported by a very wide community which results in frequent updates. This also gives it a great control over the content you choose to publish on your website.


Another major factor to consider when making a choice is the costs involved in the setting up of websites on both of these platforms. The packages for web hosting on Squarespace can cost anywhere between $8 and $24 per month whereas you have to pay extra for the price of the domain if you intend to purchase a custom domain. On the other side, WordPress websites are hosted on completely independent web servers where hosting can be found for very low monthly prices depending on the needs of the websites which can be upgraded at a later point when the traffic increases.

It all boils down to the needs of the user but WordPress is a far superior choice for anyone who ever intends to build or improve on his website. The control, flexibility, and the community WordPress provides greatly overshadows the simplicity of Squarespace.